Are you brushing your teeth regularly, using white strips and going to your dentist twice a year? Great! But, that might not be enough to keep your pearly whites and gums healthy.

Here are some things that can ruin your smile and cause damage to your teeth and gums:

Sports Drinks. Over the last 10 years or so, sports drinks have become extremely popular. However, they aren’t so great for your teeth as the acid levels can cause erosion. These drinks also tend to be high in sugars which can cause cavities as well as decay.

Bottled Water. Many people like bottled water, however, it’s not as good for you as tap water because it doesn’t have much flouride. Ditch that store-bought bottled water and invest in a reusable water bottle that you can fill with tap water. Your teeth will be thanking you later–as well as the environment.

Teeth Grinding. Grinding your teeth can do a whole lot of damage. It can affect your jaw, cause a ton of pain and even change how your face looks. Grinding also wears down your tooth’s enamel which isn’t good as it can cause sensitivity and chipping. Talk to your dentist about getting a custom night guard.

Wine. Do you drink wine regularly? You might want to re-think that as it can do damage to your tooth enamel. Both red and white wine can do damage, however you don’t have to give up on wine completely. Just drink it in moderation , take small sips and drink some water afterwards.

Dry Mouth. Not only is having a dry mouth really uncomfortable, it is also dangerous for the health of your mouth. Salvia is responsible for washing away harmful bacteria that can cause cavities. It order to not have the bad side effects that come with dry mouth, remember to drink lots of water, chew sugar free gum, use biotine and talk to your dentist. You should also start using a toothpaste that has florid in it as well.

Not Flossing. How often has your doctor told you that you need to floss. Well, they were right–surprise, surprise. Flossing is just as important as brushing as it really does protect your teeth and gums. You’ll have less cavities and you’ll also have less of a chance of developing a periodontal disease. Flossing helps remove debris, polish’s the tooth and can help with bad breath. If you hate using floss, try investing in a water pick. I use one and I love it!

Brushing Incorrectly. How many times have you been told to brush your teeth after every meal? I can’t even count how many times! I was surprised to learn that this is not the best advice. Try washing your mouth out with water and waiting an hour to brush your teeth. You can actually cause erosion if you brush directly afterwards.