Wellness of Boulder offers:

  • Chiropractic
  • Active Release Technique care
  • Fitness and Strength Conditioning

Let Dr. Sara Berg at Wellness of Boulder help you with your health needs and experience the amazing passion she has for healing and helping others.

My standard is to place the patient’s best interest first and prioritize communication with my patients to allow for the best outcome for.

Insurances accepted at Wellness of Boulder – We work
with most insurances and can bill out of network for many
others. Please call 303-443-3918 or email us with your
insurance information ready and we will help determine your
coverage for chiropractic.

Here is how we will do it:

  • We will take the necessary steps to handle your care to highest standard and understand you specific situation through a comprehensive and continual evaluation referrals for imaging or further testing when necessary.
  • We do not expect that a single form of therapy is right for every situation and will help you find the right care for you needs.
  • We believe that managing symptoms is just the beginning of the healing process and that true improved health comes through modifying musculoskeletal patterns through soft tissue work, muscle alignment, energy system enhancements, biochemistry, and muscle education.

Allow Wellness of Boulder to help you get the care you need but also allow Wellness of Boulder to be a setting to retreat and find greater relaxation and comfort in your life.